french language course in hyderabad


French is one of the most learned foreign languages ​​in India. french training in Hyderabad has been finding an expanding queue at the French learning counter for years. Call it the attraction of the sophistication of language or the global acceptance of the language, many of the terrible features of the French language attract people to it.

The Necessity of learning French

Not surprisingly, French is the 6th most spoken language worldwide. It is one of the major languages ​​in Spain, Belgium, Canada, and other countries. Also, when it comes to learning a new foreign language, French is the most accepted language for students who want to learn a new foreign language. There are French classes in Hyderabad which enhance the quality of the students’ knowledge of the French language. These foreign language courses in Hyderabad are a new stream of opportunities for newcomers.


In Hanu Foreign Languages, one of the best foreign language institutes in Hyderabad, we see our students learning the language in its original form. We open the door for completely new opportunities for candidates who choose us on their journey of learning a new foreign language. If we want our students to use the new language in their careers, we will make sure that our students learn French fluently so that they do not face any obstacles. We are constantly proving ourselves in providing the best guidance for students. Learn French in Hyderabad with HANU foreign languages ​​and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our teaching method.


At our Foreign Language Course in Hyderabad, we designed the course so that our students could become master of the language by the end of the course. We run tests that help assess the proficiency of the language, and these tests play a major role in self-evaluation. They help students understand areas of hard work. We have a globally accepted certificate in clearing exams and exams of course. Therefore, in the foreign languages ​​of Hanu, we ensure that our students have perfect mastery of the French language after completing our course.


Top French Language Course In Hyderabad are helping students by offering them a new career option. There are a variety of industries and industries that welcome French professionals with their hands, such as the tourism and hospitality industry. Also, there is a lucrative demand for French speakers in fashion, aeronautics, diplomatic services, and other fields. Also, there are many options for proofreading, translation, etc., which you can find through our Top French Classes in Hyderabad. Similarly, the job of the interpreter is a rare form of job-seeking that specializes in languages.

French Levels Durations
  A1 45 Days
  A2 45 Days
  B1 45 Days
  B2 45 Days
  C1 45 Days
  C2 45 Days

Hanu Foreign Languages

offers a very detailed course for the students. We have 6 types of levels in this.
  1. A1 Level (Beginner)
  2. A2 Level (Elementary)
  3. B1 Level (Intermediate)
  4. B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)
  5. C1 Level (Proficiency)
  6. C1 Level (Master)

These courses are great for individuals or benefit scheme, and

☛A fun, interactive and stimulating way to learn                                                    

☛A friendly atmosphere and a great way to meet people

☛Extremely good value for money.

☛Corporate training is available.

☛Regular and Weekend Batches.

Online and offline a variety of formats and ranging from intensive